INDENTED BOM – Dissolving Sub Assemblies

In situations where one wants to publish just the components of the sub-assembly in the BOM and ignore the sub-assembly, one can proceed in two different ways: 

  1. DISSOLVE the sub-assembly entry in an indented BOM. Other BOMs that reference this sub-assembly will still show in the original indented style. The Indented BOM in general, lists all sub-assemblies as an item, along with all components of the sub-assembly. 
 Indented BOM with detailed numbering

Once you click on an indented BOM, you will notice three triangles/arrows on the left hand side. Clicking on the arrows will expand the BOM. 

Dissolve the sub-assembly

Right click on the sub-assembly icon to DISSOLVE the entry, showing just the components. An icon with two arrows will appear in the heading row to indicate this change.

Restructured BOM with an icon (2 arrows)

Right clicking on the icon cell will give an option to revert back to original undissolved sate. Select “Restore restructured Components”

Restore restructured Components
  1. PROMOTE the components within the sub-assembly configuration properties. One way to do that is to open the sub-assembly file and go to the configuration properties.  From here, there is an option to Promote under the Bill of Material options.This will show the components as top level items in BOM.  However, All BOMs that reference this sub-assembly will reflect the change.

The second way to Promote is through BOM itself.

Component Options

You can notice that the BOM is updated to desired state but there no icon (with 2 arrows) shows up on the BOM as in case of dissolved sub-assembly. The reason being the change was made at the sub-assembly level and not essentially in the BOM.

An indication that the sub-assembly components are promoted is that the Assembly Feature Tree will now showcase the sub-assembly name appended by (Dissolved in BOM).

Dissolved in BOM

To revert back to the original indented style,  either return to option to “Show” or right-click on the sub-assembly in the feature tree of the model and choose to “Restore in BOM.”

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