Using NAMED VIEWS in Exploded Assembly Views

Sometime while working with exploded assembly views, it can be nightmarish to create the desired view on the Solidworks drawing as seen in the exploded model graphics window. For this matter, NAMED VIEWS can come to a rescue.

To create a desired NAMED VIEW while working for exploded views, following steps need to be taken:

  • First create a desired exploded assembly view that you want to see on your drawing, edit exploded steps if necessary.
  • Press the SPACE BAR to bring the Orientation Menu screen
  • Click New View  in the Orientation dialog box. Create a NAMED VIEW.

It is also advisable to save the named view in SOLIDWORKS as well, if you want this view to be available for other documents. This can bring consistency in exploded views for assemblies of similar type.

To remove a saved view from a document, hover over the view name and click Remove View from Document X

To delete a saved view, in any SOLIDWORKS document, in the Orientation Dialog Box, hover over Saved Views and click Delete View from SolidWorks X

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